Smart Dance

Bluetooth Speaker

Interactive Game

Facial Expression


Graphical Programming

Rich Resources

Lego expansion

Super sound quality, it is a bluetooth speaker that can dance

The Cubee has a small appearance and has four servo joints. It is not only a bluetooth speaker, but also supports a mobile phone player connection. It also dances with music beats. It has a strong sense of rhythm, is flexible and fun, and has a variety of styles. Custom choreography allows you to customize dance moves.

Emotional interaction

creative game

AI technology gives the Cubee code full vitality, enters the remote control interface, uses buttons to control its walking direction. But if it does’t receive new instructions, it may issue grievances, angry and other sounds, with movements, expressions to express emotions,interesting and creative.

Follow the game

Obstacle avoidance

Playing game

Its "big eyes" (ultrasonic module) automatically detects the object in front and follows the object.

It automatically walks forward, and when the ultrasonic detects an obstacle in front, it will avoid the obstacle and move on.

It can make different tones according to the distance of the object in front of the ultrasonic wave.

Get started with programming and stimulate your kids’interest in learning

Entry-level graphical programming, easy to operate, equipped with mobile APP and computer programming software.

LED light

The programming display shows tens of thousands of colors, flashing with the rhythm of the music

Speed control fan

Programmatically control fan speed and status

OLED screen

Programming display patterns, text and expressions

Rich resources

Cubee APP has a lot of resources, including songs, stories etc. The diverse content resources are continuously updated to accompany the children at different stages of their growth.



Ancient poem


Product parameters

Product Name





Battery capacity

Effective distance

Cubee code Programmable Robot






Bluetooth v2.1+EDR


Bluetooth version Bluetooth

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